How to think Positive without forcing it – 5 Practical ways

Being Positive

You’re afraid that this might never go.

Negative thinking has become a part of you.

Reading inspirational material or being in a positive company has only helped short-term.

You need something that lasts.

Things is, till how long can you depend on an inspiration outside?

You have to tap the source within.

Let me tell you how do that with 5 practical ways to Think Positive.

And I promise you won’t have to force it 😉

Take the no-fail shortcut

You cannot help but feel good after a workout. Because the body releases happy hormones called Endorphins. Not just this, regular physical activity can also boost your dopamine and serotonin levels – the other happy hormones.

These are ‘feel good’, stress and pain-relieving hormones, and a regular dose of these in your system is an assurance that you become a naturally positive thinker.

Not just that, they organically stimulate healing of the body and

Choose moderately challenging workouts to gain optimum and long-lasting results. If you choose Yoga, you get the added benefit of activating your para-sympathetic, also called ‘rest and repair’ nervous system at a much deeper level.

How to think positive - Exercise

The most delicious way to happiness

As a child I was always taught ‘what we eat is what we become’. And I wondered how?

It is only when I got deeper into Ayurveda and Yoga, I understood how.

In Yoga & Ayurveda, all food that is consumed is divided into having three qualities –

Tamas – Food that makes you dull, indolent, and numbs your senses. Ex: Meats, stale food, undercooked, overcooked, alcohol

Rajas – Food that stimulates your senses. Ex: Too much spice, too much oil, Processed, Coffee, Tea, etc.

Sattva – Food that keeps you energetic and light. Ex: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, legumes, clarified butter, etc.

This is a very basic definition of the whole thing, but you get the idea.

Clearly, the food you take can change your reception of things, how you perceive them, and eventually your action too.

Consult a Yoga teacher or an Ayurveda practitioner on what changes you can make in your diet so as to cut down the negative input and boost the positive.

How to be Positive by eating right

Follow your natural rhythm

Have you ever noticed how fresh and energetic you feel the whole day after an early morning wake up and how lazy and sloppy you feel after getting up late? If not, now will be a good time to do this little experiment yourself.

We all have rhythms of ‘being’, called the Circadian Rhythms. They are affected by a lot of factors internal and external but as per modern science, responds primarily to daylight.

In Yoga, Circadian rhythms are associated primarily with the rising and setting of the sun. Therefore, if you just maintain your daily activities around the cycle of the sun, you will not only gain optimum physical health but an enhanced mental state as well.

Waking up with the sunlight, eating before sunset (ideally) or 60-90 minutes after it, and sleeping within 3-4 hours of sunset. Not sleeping while it is dark disturbs the Circadian Rhythm, and to an extent sleeping with lights on.

Also, you may not feel it but when the sun comes up, your internal energy system also comes alive with it. So, Yoga practitioners like to be awake before the sun rises so they can use that energy consciously.

For a normal person, just following the good old ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ day after day, will set you in thinking positive.

Early mornings

Stick it out

Even the most optimistic of us all, tend to focus at the negative in life sometimes and not notice so much good that is happening around. If it all it is noticed, another negative thought is just around the corner to wipe it all clean, as you step out in the world and have no control over the external stimuli.

‘Post-its’ work really effectively in such scenarios. They serve as the perfect daily reminder of that forgotten or ignored good in your life.

Before going to bed, write one good thing that happened to you that day. Write it on a Post-it and stick it on a collage board near your bed. You don’t have to limit yourself to one thing, they can be as many as you want also.

When you wake up, that is one of the first things you see. It head-starts your day not just with a positive thought, but with a sweet memory and the possibility of good things for the day ahead.

Work on the core of your existence

It may happen that you may be doing everything right but will keep feeling negative. You know why?

Improper breathing. Yes, you heard it right.

Svara Yoga is a whole science based on breathing correctly and harmonizing the breath so as to harmonize everything in a Yoga practitioner’s life.

Both our nostrils are connected to the brain and to the two main subtle energy channels in our body. If either of them is blocked or working in a sub-standard manner than the other, it will reflect in thinking and personality.

In people with the right nostril blocked or working sub-par, negative thinking is a common trait. By practicing Yogic techniques like Yogic Breathing, Sutra Neti, Anulom Vilom Pranayama, and Bhastrika you can improve the functioning of both nostrils.

Thereby getting rid of seemingly untreatable negative thinking.

Note:  Please practice Sutra Neti and Bhastrika under the guidance of a registered practitioner only.

How to Think Positive by Right Breathing
Pranayama; Image Courtesy –

Do me a favor!

So, get up, get going, and employ any or all of these techniques to become a Positive thinker naturally.

And do me a favor while you do that. Do not force yourself to it.

Do not try to be positive even when you need to be skeptical.

There can be situations where things can go wrong and you need to use your discriminatory faculty accordingly.

Thinking negative is not always bad, it may sometimes be the need of the hour.

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