5 Yoga Asanas to practice in the morning for an empowering day and life


You would love that, won’t you?

Being a dynamic, open, easy-going yet strong person.

Going through life with an utter sense of confidence.

Gymming has toned your body, but not your emotions and you are on the lookout for something magical that will transform you into your dream self.

Reading book after book on self-development may help in its own time, but what if I give you a discipline that will tone your body as well as your mind and personality.

Yoga Asanas, one of the 8 parts of the ancient Vedic discipline that Yoga is when practiced in a certain way can give you all that and more.

The trick in Yoga Asanas is how you are when you do them, not what you do.

Let me give you a sequence of just 5 Yoga Asanas which when practiced the way given here, will make you a truly empowered personality leading an awesome day and life.

Here they are –

#1 Grounding is a necessity, not a choice

The basic nature of man is to possess or to be possessed. ‘To belong’, is a basic need.

Then why not belong to the mother earth, to nature, to the all-pervasive sky and find stability in that belonging.
Without grounding, we are like a dry leaf, drifting away with the wind. Going where the wind goes, never able to find a home and hence the feeling of not belonging.

Vrikshasana or Tree pose helps you develop belonging to this existence, security forever.

Stand tall with shoulders open and relaxed. Fold the left leg and put the left heel on the root of the right thigh or a little lower but above the knee. Stretch both the arms above the head in Namaskar Mudra (folded hands), or you can also open the hands, elbows straight. Keep the spine stretched and neck straight and look in front.

Dig all four corners of your foot in the ground and a firm grip between the thigh and the other foot. Imagine that you are a big & tall tree, your roots are spread deep down the earth holding it tight and intact.

Hands stretched above like branches in the sky, help you pull up and become even taller.

See the feelings of absolute security surge up, since you belong where you are.

Claim your space and it shall help you maintain the same feeling the whole day, belonging wherever you are without struggling.

Repeat with the other leg.

Feelings of absolute security surge up, with Tree Pose or 'Vrikshasana' Click To Tweet

Pro-tip — Open your eyes and fix the gaze at one point. After some practice, you can do it with your eyes closed also by focusing on your belly button.

#2 Set yourself free by practicing the art of Surrender

I say Surrender and you say, easier said than done.

You are right, unquestionably.

But once you do, you will experience a new level of peace inside. Where you are still being the best version of yourself as much as you can, but leaving the results of your actions to the Universe.

For letting what is best for you to come to you, rather than running behind something that may not serve you as well as you imagine.

Pashchimottanasana or sitting forward bend will help you do exactly that. Achieving surrender through this particular Yoga Asana and achieving this Asana through surrender, are two sides of one coin.

Inhale, stretch up, exhale with and bend forward. Keep your thighs tightly and comfortably together to prevent injury at the root of the thighs.

With every inhalation, stretch forward and with each exhalation, let go completely until you achieve the pose. Stay for as long as you can and breathe. Enjoy the calm of the breath.

Practicing this Asana will help you become deeply peaceful in your personal and professional life. Knowing that all is not in your control and sometimes it’s ok to let things be, will set you free of all angst.

Surrender yourself completely with Sitting Forward Bend or 'Pashchimottanasana' and set yourself free. Click To Tweet

Pro-tip — Bend forward from the lower back, not from the torso.

#3 Open up and the sky is your limit

Once you have surrendered, its time to open your heart to all the abundance that is out there.

Often in our lives, we complain that our friends and family, our colleagues are not very kind to us, they don’t understand us. It is only a matter of how open you are, of first understanding them and then expecting it back.

Ushtrasana or Camel pose helps you open up your heart to the limitless bounty of this Universe.

Come up on your knees, stretch both your arms above the head, stretch up as much as you can with the help of arms and then roll back the shoulders bending backward.

Grab your ankles, sole or wherever you feel comfortable on the feet.

Close your eyes if you can and open your heart! Breathe and soak in all the abundance of the Universe, it is meant for you only.

Inhale abundance and exhale poverty of emotions with every breath in Camel Pose or 'Ushtrasana' Click To Tweet

You will see a considerable change in your interpersonal relationships when you keep practicing this Yoga Asana every morning.

Pro-tip — Keep the belly button and pelvic region pushed forward to strike the right pose.

#4 Better Bend than Break

Bruce Lee once said, ‘Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked. While the Bamboo or Willow survives by bending with the wind’.

Flexibility is the single most important trait for survival.

Not just for survival though, being flexible will make you a much richer person experientially. Taking risks and adjusting and accommodating with situations will groom your personality like nothing else.

The flexibility we are talking about here is mental first and then physical because that is how everything manifests.

The sitting half spinal twist or Ardhmatsyendrasana will train you for being flexible in life.

Sit with both legs stretched forward. Bend the left leg and place the heel of the left leg touching the right hip.

Inhale and raise your left arm up, exhale and completely turn towards the right as much as you can. Cross your left arm wrapping the right knee and grab the right foot wherever possible — ankle or main foot. Neck parallel to the right shoulder.

Take a few deep breaths and stay as long as you can.

Release and repeat on the other side.

Gain a flexible approach in life through Half Spinal Twist or 'Ardh-matseyndrasana' and be happy always Click To Tweet

Pro-tip — The better you exhale while twisting, the faster you achieve the most twist.

#5 It’s all about balance in the end

Maintaining balance is a goal each one of us strives for, every day, every minute.

Yet so often, we find ourselves out of it.

The balance between work and life, between holding on and letting go, between body and mind.

I can tell you this much that the day you achieve Shirshasana or headstand, you immediately claim a certain amount of balance for the rest of your life.

It has that power on your mind, literally. You become more confident, more balanced, more in sync. You know you can face anything that may befall you, once you have achieved the headstand.

Called the King of Yoga Asanas, Shirshasana stimulates all the three main glands of the Endocrine system — Pineal, Pituitary, and Hypothalamus. Thereby bombarding your mind and body with innumerable benefits and ultimate state of balance.

It is totally worth the effort.

In the end, it is all about balance. So it is worth all effort to achieve the Headstand or 'Shirshasana', the King of Yoga Asanas Click To Tweet

Pro-tip — Use your core strength, not just your arms and shoulders. Be aware of the belly button and back core muscles. The Head should be just touching the ground, no weight on the head or neck.

Feel it to achieve it

After you have started practicing these Yoga Asanas every morning with feeling, you will be completely ready to rock.
Aligned with your inner self, you will no more be afraid of being yourself.

You will be balanced in your emotions and approach, grounded in your reality, open to new possibilities, and flexible enough for any necessary change.

You will no more strain yourself about being in control of the smallest of things because you will know you aren’t the doer. Experiencing surrender will change you, forever.

You will be empowered in a way unprecedented.

And this change will come from your very core.

It will be a transformation.

So what are you waiting for…


Note: Start practicing under the guidance of a Yoga Guru first and then maintain your own personal practice which is most important for developing awareness inside you, the main tool of Yoga.

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