Namaste, I am Roli Jain

Roli Jain

I help people live healthier and happier lives through Yoga. My clients say I was the best discovery in their quest for holistic health in India. They also say I am one of the best Yoga Teachers they had ever met in terms of dedication and expertise.

I realized the limited effectiveness of conventional medicine at the age of 25, while my mother struggled with OCD. 10 years later, my own mental and physical health started going downhill with an unfulfilling job and the pollution of the big city. Out of my lack of connection with my reality, I left everything. I had no choice but to learn why our mind plays these games and is there a more fulfilling way of life.

I found all my answers in Yoga.

My first client was a French Sophrologist with Parkinson’s Disorder. We started working towards managing her condition through restorative Yoga and saw profound results. Around the same time, my mother called me in the middle of a Yoga Therapy Retreat I had sent her to, and said something I shall never forget ‘My mind has found peace after years today.’

I realized the importance of Yoga and its precious place in therapy.

I have had opportunities to teach future Yoga Teachers in some of the most famous Yoga Schools in India. But nothing is more satisfying than helping people overcome their physical and mental struggles.

People believe Yoga just another form of exercise, nothing more. Fortunately, that is not true. Like any good medicine, for Yoga to work, you should receive the right formula to get results. And my mission is to share this formula with you.







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You will experience –

- Awareness of the ignored aspects and strength of your physical body
- Awakening of Emotional Power within you across areas in life
- Place of calm within yourself that enables you to be more resilient and heal naturally
- Reconnect with new flavors of life through food and life-tasks



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