Yoga Therapy


In a world where preventable diseases are the biggest killers, all you need to do is look at new solutions.

Coronary Artery Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression and IBS are few examples of conditions you can avoid by making right lifestyle choices. These can also be successfully managed and even reversed depending upon the stage, by Yoga Therapy with Zero side-effects.

Here is an interesting story of triumph of a heart patient and his awesome Yoga Therapist from America’s number 1 Hospital.

UK’s biggest health service includes Yoga Therapy not just as a part of treatment of its patients, but for the well-being of their own healthcare staff.

Henry Ford Health System, consistently ranked amongst the top Hospitals in America says Yoga Therapy is for everybody. It finds it especially beneficial for Cancer, Hypertension, Mental Illness, Addiction and Eating Disorders with proven results.

YOGA THERAPY is the safest, most natural, world-class technique to an intrinsically healthy life.

And the fact that it is rooted in the ancient wisdom is a testimony of its unmatched effectiveness. Because only something that really works, can survive through thousands of years.

Are you ready to go the extra mile in your quest to be healthy?

Note: No need to stop other ongoing treatments for Yoga Therapy

Chakra Workshops


The knowledge of the 7 Chakras touches every aspect of your daily existence. Like this interesting article on Huffington Post as to how each of them makes for different aspects of your attitude at work. Or how the right awareness of the Chakras can help you deal with specific problems like Stress.

Any spiritual knowledge worth its while should make a positive practical shift into the seeker’s life.

The knowledge of 7 Chakras is no exception.

My Chakra workshop clients, most of them Yoga Teachers, say my workshops have helped them put 2 and 2 together and bring theoretical knowledge into practice.

The great thing about these workshops are that they are equally useful for an average Joe, like I was, when I first started learning about them.

The understanding of how the 7 Chakras effect our personalities, transformed the way I handled my day to day life. It had the most powerful impact on my interpersonal relationships (link) and on my own freedom of expression.

In these workshops I shall teach you how to clear and balance your energy with simple lifestyle and Yoga practices without depending on others for it.

Are you ready to explore your fullest potential?

Note: We do not open or unblock Chakras and neither do we support such practices.




       Classical Hatha


Did you know that 1 in 7 American adults practice Yoga?

We cater people from everywhere, but that was just to get you started. The two most common benefits cited by these practitioners are reduced stress and better emotional health. Well, there goes the belief that Yoga is just another fancy-pants oriental workout.

That too when the Western Yoga practice is clearly a diluted one, just like the Big Mac in India where Aloo Tikki (Potato Patty) takes the place of Beef Patty.

Our Hatha Yoga sessions follow the Classical style of being in the posture and aiming to become one with it, with the help of deep breathing.

The sessions include aspects of strength building and increasing flexibility, although endurance plays the most important part.

Pranayama (Breathwork) is included depending upon the level of students, however simple Mantra chanting is always introduced and encouraged to focus the mind. Sounds don’t have a religion, plus that is my favorite part.

Higher practices may also be introduced as we go further into the practice.

There is no doubt that the only goal of Yoga is to realize one’s true self.

However, in the process, as we cleanse and balance our energy inside-out, everything that is ‘unwholesome’ vanishes too.

With Yoga, the body becomes supple and the mind comes awake.

Care to join us?


I have known Roli closely since she herself was living the rut and had the same conundrums that all of us have. As she got into Yoga and created a more free and abundant life for herself, her transformation became a source of inspiration for me. Her blog is a fantastic resource to tap into all that wisdom and keeps growing with her.
testimonial manjari
Manjari Lakshmanan
Technology Product Manager, India
The experience of Yoga Therapy with Roli was the highlight of my 5 months "searching for health "in India. I have cervical stenosis, not an easy remit for any therapist. She trained me into the best of Yoga practices tailored to my needs, physically and mentally. I cannot recommend her more highly.
Testimonial Lesley
Lesley La Hay
Clinical Hypnotherapist, United Kingdom
So happy to have met a real Yogini passing on her profound knowledge in many fields of yoga. I especially recommend Roli's Chakra Workshop. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, it has helped me "put 2 and 2 together" and finally put all the theory into practice.
Testimonial Birgit
Birgit Wehinger
Hatha Yoga Teacher, Germany







Bring more balance into your life and open-up the hidden potential of your persona with my 30-
Day Chakra Healing Challenge!

You will experience –

- Awareness of the ignored aspects and strength of your physical body
- Awakening of Emotional Power within you across areas in life
- Place of calm within yourself that enables you to be more resilient and heal naturally
- Reconnect with new flavors of life through food and life-tasks



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