20 Inspirational Healing Quotes that will Ignite your Spirit

Inspirational Healing Quotes

You wish you could be whole again.

A part of you seems lost and incomplete, forever.

You are convinced, life will never be the rainbow it used to be.

The feeling of loss is real but let me tell you, everything, I repeat, every ‘single’ thing can be healed. From a broken heart to a wounded spirit; from the scar of a bad friendship to a deep wound of childhood trauma or the loss of a loved one.

You have the power to heal everything, with the support of the world around you and even just by yourself.

We all get broken some time or the other in life.

I have too, many times.

But as Hellen Keller puts it aptly – ‘Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.’

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and so, let me ignite your spirit with some inspirational healing quotes by people who speak from experience – from the journey of darkness to light.

Inspirational Healing Quotes by Rumi

As a seed must go deep down into the dark before it comes to the light and become a tree, so all of us must go through our darkest hours before we shoot towards the light. There is no other way you can know how majestic you are, or rather – how majestic you CAN BE.

Inspirational Healing Quotes by Caroline Myss

We are in the form of the divine, a whole that has come from a whole. And so, you have the power to heal yourself no matter what the pain. However, the biggest hurdle in healing is your own negative thinking. Positive thinking is the key to healing and it is the first step you should take towards your well-being.

Inspirational healing quotes by Charles Bukowski

Another way of not just accepting that we are whole as a thought, but ‘experiencing’ it as a fact, is Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yogis have been tapping into the treasure of this dormant energy that resides in each of us. Point is, either you access it this way or that, just know that you are and will ever be, complete and unhurt.

I am sure this adage exists in every culture, in one way or another, that time heals everything. I am not sure whether time heals everything, but it sure gives you an opportunity to learn to handle it either way, by simply taking you further from the point of pain. Now it is your choice to keep reliving it in your mind or let it remain where it belongs – in the past and start living your life outside of its shadow.

Inspirational healing quotes by Shakespeare

Sometimes we tend not to speak of what is going inside us. The reasons are different for different cultures. In some cultures, speaking of one’s pain is a sign of weakness; and in others, people simply do not have time to address their pain in the race of earning daily bread.

As per Yoga, every disease starts in the mind before it manifests in the body and so suppressing your trauma causes both – mental as well as physical disorders. Whatever your situation is, taking care of your mental peace should be your number one priority.

Inspirational healing quotes by Carl Jung

As per modern psychology, denial is the first stage of healing, and acceptance comes last. Although human beings are different and highly capable, so you do not necessarily have to go through the entire process. You can accept your grief and speed up the whole process of healing. It works wonders.

Inspirational healing quotes by Martha BeckI never could have imagined I would ever overcome the challenges I did. From personal victories to professional ones, I overcame seemingly impossible hurdles. Only thing I remember that may have made it all work was the ever-present thought at the back of my mind – ‘I will not give up’. Not that I did not feel like giving up, Oh yes I did!

But every time I felt like it, I dug my heels a little more with all the strength left in me. And this is all you must do too. It is not easy, but it is worth it.

Childhood Trauma is called ‘Hidden Epidemic’ in psychology. I for example never thought it was a factor; when confronted – was in denial for a long time. I eventually realized that my whole life until then, was shaped by it. It is therefore critical that you look at your childhood closely and see how it is controlling your adulthood, and address it if required.

As weird as it may sound, but reaching within our own-selves is way more difficult as compared to reaching out. All our senses are directed outwards and for them to look inwards, you need to train them. And so, an easier way to heal ourselves is by doing it through others.

This mostly happens without our even realizing it. You often see people trying to solve other people’s lives or trying to take control of it, while their own remains in a mess.

When done consciously, you can take this process to the next level. Acknowledge your grief, confusion, or shortcoming in life and support people with similar issues. Looking at the same problems from a distance will give you a much clearer perspective of the whole thing.

Whatever path you take to reach yourself, eventually, there lies your freedom. Unless you acknowledge and address your own issues, your healing is not complete.

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Whether it is your trust that needs restoration, or confidence, or faith – where do you feel the hurt?

Always in the heart.

Your heart is the abode of the spirit, of the divine and is both the most sensitive and the strongest. Leave it hurt and it will destroy you, heal it and you can heal the world.

I love this adage and keep repeating this in my mind whenever I come across a tough situation emotionally – ‘People who are the hardest to love, need it the most’. You can apply this to other people and to yourself.

If there is nothing you can do about your healing or someone you love, just use love – unconditional, egoless love. It won’t be easy to you will falter but eventually, you will get through.

Inspirational healing quotes by Helen Keller

I would say this is my favorite amongst all the inspirational healing quotes given here. Not everyone is of a spiritual bent, or very intelligent or working with techniques, but everyone can listen to their heart.



To develop unconditional love may be a very difficult feeling sometimes, even alien. Work with compassion then. We cannot always understand what goes on in our hearts, but we can at least try to understand it through the symptoms and be compassionate.

Someone is irritable, be compassionate. You yourself take things personally always, be compassionate. Just be compassionate and eventually you will find your way to healing.

This for me constitutes for most tragic and mentally disturbed lives – not granting forgiveness. People hold on to their grudges, to their hurt or sometimes even to the perception of it. Thing is they HOLD ON TO NEGATIVITY IN THEIR HEART.

Only if they were great Yogis like Lord Shiva who held poison in his throat and held it there, without poisoning his body or mind. But in our case, this negativity destroys our mind and eventually gets to our body too. Let it go, practice forgiveness, and rid yourself of this poison.

This inspirational healing quote is a thrilling one. Yes, healing makes you very strong – impenetrable, especially unnecessarily. You do not let other people suck you into their drama, and can be very unnerving for them.

Emotional healing makes you compassionate, but it also takes your self-love quotient very high and most of the world has not yet learned to deal with people who love themselves.

One of the best ways to ‘accept’ your pain is to start writing what you feel, exactly how you feel it. A technique that a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists use.

It is extremely difficult to be aware of your thoughts in your mind, but when you start putting them down on a piece of paper, they become your revelations.

Eventually, some people get a grip and are inspired to share their stories with others, resulting in others relating to their stories and starting their very own healing process.

Trauma lives in the past but you don’t need to. And one technique that works wonders keeping you in the present is ‘One Pointedness’. Doing your simple everyday tasks with absolute focus can be the first step towards one-pointedness.

If you are cooking, think about spices and aroma and flavors and not how you had a conflict with your partner the other day. Do one thing at a time and it will speed up your healing process by enabling you to live where you should – in the present.

We are not helpless, neither are we are limited. We are not here to fulfill obligations, neither to live up to an image. Click To Tweet

The whole cause of suffering revolves around beliefs that tell us that we are any of these.

Think about it, all your traumas are a version of the thought of ‘limited’. Breathe freely, live freely, choose freely – do not live in its illusion.


You are thinking there might be a chance you could still heal.

You are feeling hopeful and you are not wrong.

With your spirit uplifted with these inspirational healing quotes, you are ready to take your first step towards healing yourself.

Stand up and express the divinity within you.

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