4 years ago, I decided to re-create my life. A life where I look forward to every single day. Within one year, I was on my way from polluted city to a beach town, from a misfit job to doing what I love. It turned out to be the best decision of my life...

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Roli Jain

Living a life of physical discomfort, mental stress or unnerving 'pathless-ness'?

After 12 years of following the crowd, I transformed my life in one year flat. 

From a misfit job in a polluted city, to a dream life by the beach, doing what I love. From downhill health to intrinsically nourished mind and body.

Read my complete story here.

All with the help of deeper aspects of Yoga. 

I created this blog to share my self-experimented tips and tools here. So you can also live a life filled with inner joy, physical ease, and mental efficacy. 

Tools to be what YOU were meant to be, to live the life YOU want, to live a better life!


I have known Roli closely since she herself was living the rut and had the same conundrums that all of us have. As she got into Yoga and created a more free and abundant life for herself, her transformation became a source of inspiration for me. Her blog is a fantastic resource to tap into all that wisdom and keeps growing with her.
testimonial manjari
Manjari Lakshmanan
Technology Product Manager, India
The experience of Yoga Therapy with Roli was the highlight of my 5 months "searching for health "in India. I have cervical stenosis, not an easy remit for any therapist. She trained me into the best of Yoga practices tailored to my needs, physically and mentally. I cannot recommend her more highly.
Testimonial Lesley
Lesley La Hay
Clinical Hypnotherapist, United Kingdom
So happy to have met a real Yogini passing on her profound knowledge in many fields of yoga. I especially recommend Roli's Chakra Workshop. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, it has helped me "put 2 and 2 together" and finally put all the theory into practice.
Testimonial Birgit
Birgit Wehinger
Hatha Yoga Teacher, Germany

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