Not to miss bits of wisdom for holistic personal growth

You are feeling overwhelmed.

Living a balanced life can be tough.

And we all seek support in handling all that we juggle on a daily basis.

What if someone hand-picked for you one great piece of wisdom in the key areas of life, each of which has the potential to transform it for the better?

I took up the task, with pleasure, and have curated for you some of the best personal growth pieces from my favorite changemakers — bloggers, speakers, gurus.

Each of these pieces addresses one key factor of your life in an unprecedented manner. Just by bringing one key awareness and eventual change in your life, it has the power to redefine it, inside out.

So, kick back with your favorite cup of happiness and get ready to be pampered with all the hand-selected wisdom. All because it is good to see people smile 😊

What we eat, is what can cure our mental health

This article from Mindbodygreen on Nutritional Psychology takes the health & fitness talk many notches up by scientifically quoting food’s contribution in defining our mental health and its betterment.

From treating ADHD patients with just the right diet to showcasing studies of how the brain reacts in different ways to poor diets causing different disorders and diseases. This article is as cutting-edge as it gets in personal growth.

As the article zeroes down on our specific diet requirements and time-honored educational institutions like Columbia University including body-mind connection in their curriculum, it gives hope for a truly healthier world.

Never have these studies held so much importance than now, when one of the world’s largest ecosystems, the Amazon Forest is burning down, one of the major reasons being people’s eating habits. It is time we took a good look at our eating habits, for much more than just physical fitness. A must-read.

Treat the water right and it will treat you back

Our whole health system seems to be built around food. But aren’t we forgetting something more important?

In an eye-opening video, the Indian mystic ‘Sadhguru’ brings our attention back to the subject of water. Not about its quantity, on which we are fixated nowadays, but how you can live a completely healthy life, just by changing the way you treat the water, keeping in mind it’s a living entity.

Sadhguru talks from Narmada in this video, one of the sacred Indian Rivers of India, explaining, why not just the consumption or even chemical purification is enough for us to make sure that we are taking the water in, the way we are supposed to. A mesmerizing talk that can change your personal growth game!

FAST learning decoded in a way you never imagined

In today’s world filled up with learning opportunities of all kinds, the most important service you can do to your brain is to choose what to let in and when to stop. However, that is a personal matter, so I am not going to barge in there, especially to a personal growth audience.

So, whatever you choose, doing it right and most efficient is what this is going to be about. And no-one teaches it better than ‘Jim Kwik’, the FAST learning expert. He sums it up in the easiest and the quickest way possible in this podcast here. The best part is I can personally vouch that each and every aspect he talks about has worked for me in the past –

  • Forget — be an empty cup full of possibilities
  • Active — hands-on learning
  • State — Being emotionally aware and alive
  • Teach — Learn as if you are going to teach it.

A word of caution — Human Intellect is deeply honored in the Yogic tradition however, it is also one of the two things to be most careful of, other being the EGO. Do not become an information sucker or hold it as your own, wear it with an attitude of gratitude and surrender to live your best intellectual life.

Taking control is overrated. Surrender is the key.

While everybody is trying to tell you to take control of your life, it is rare to see someone talking about the greatest practices of all — Surrender. None other than Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

Gratitude and Surrender are two things that have given me ultimate peace, and Leo has got it spot-on by acknowledging Surrender as the tool to taste real happiness in life. He talks about how it is not the same as giving up, a confusion that has caused the most damage to this beautiful ‘state of being’. The article is special because of its experiential and inclusive tone and I am sure your life can change with this one piece.

As Leo puts it beautifully — the key to surrender is taking everything as it comes, as an opportunity to evolve and love ourselves, without ending up beating ourselves. And if you are really committed to personal growth, that is one thing you would never do.

Tit for Tat is old fashioned, don’t compromise your character.

I read somewhere that the people who are the hardest to love, need it the most, and this post totally gets it.

It is, unfortunately, a very popular sentiment to treat people as they treat you. But what do we really achieve there? An unquenchable thirst for revenge? Or a sadistic pleasure of putting someone down because you can bitch better?

So listen to the beautiful Luminita of the Purpose fairy, who tells you how by turning this game upside down, you might become a better version of yourself.

The Universe is sending you signs, are you watching?

Now what does that even mean? Signs from the Universe? It is difficult to understand our own self, let alone understanding the signs from the Universe! And why should we even care…

What if someone broke the heavy spiritual stuff down for you, and helped you to live the best version of your life today? Because what is spirituality, but our inner self doing everything to make us the best version of ourselves. And that is why you should care.

The world-renowned Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul does exactly that for you in this post from Positively Positive. 5 easy to follow practical tools that will have you seeing and maybe listening to the signs of Universe in no time. Because you are not alone in this.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent — you might just prove it wrong.

Can we really talk about personal growth without paying due attention to improving how we bring up our ‘generation next’?

While we can have n number of most important parenting topics, building an environment-friendly child-base makes it to the top in today’s time.

In this ground-breaking piece from Becoming Minimalist, Denaye Barahona speaks about making a fundamental change in our future generation’s mindset. How they look at the environment and eventually make life choices just by giving them the right kind of toys.

Put together in very simple words and citing examples of how it can be done, this is a must-read for parents who want to take their parenting skills multiple levels higher and becoming ‘Top Notch’, say almost perfect 😉

Avoiding socializing because of Toxic people? Change your game.

Truth be told, one bad apple in your circle can really ruin it for ya!

The futility of draining one’s energy in dealing with the negativity this person brings, can make even the most open-hearted wanting to avoid a social situation, whether official or between friends. Who wants to be intimidated and irritated in the middle of a nice conversation?

Well, let that be no longer a reason to hold yourself back from enjoying yourself. I present to you this great Steven Aitchinson article, which isn’t conventional in its take, asking for work from your side also, but is very effective in breaking the barrier of getting bogged down by the toxic people around you.

I have tried all of these techniques and I can guarantee you, they work, just like the writer claims.

Let loss not be the only thing that teaches us the value of our loved ones.

This piece is very close to my heart because I completely relate to the story narrated here. I fell prey to taking the person I loved the most for granted — my grandmother. I so wish I could undo a few things, but wishing is only how far it can go now.

Just like the amazing writer Mai Pham writing for Tiny Buddha here, my learning also came from a life-altering event — in this case of my grandmother leaving us for the heavenly abode. It changed many things in me, but one thing I don’t do now is taking people for granted, ever.

Learn how to nurture a heart that loves you, in the way it should be nurtured.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better — steps to have a better love life.

I chose this piece for many reasons, one of them being the importance it gives to self-love and self-exploration. A lot of people take pride in caring for others and loving them more than they do themselves.

Sorry to burst the bubble but it is nothing to be proud of. A person who puts herself less than others is bound to come back to self-love because only when you love yourself can you truly love anyone else, in a healthy manner.

This amazing Lifehack article also gives you the arsenal to make it a win-win situation — by making your best-self available to the other in all ways. Read and follow in case you are in search of a better love life.

There is no personal growth without Financial Freedom. Own it.

Well, no wonder that Dave Ramsey is a no.1 bestselling author on finance because he sure talks like one!

In this clean and crisp piece, he gives you a clear picture of what financial freedom is, and how you can achieve it — the best part is that it has to be as per your own definition, nobody else’s.

From finding your own definition of financial freedom to the first essential steps that will get you going like budgeting and cleaning up your finances, this post nails it in setting the basics right. And most of the time, getting back to the basics is what we need.

Make good use of it.

Passion and Career coming together is a magic potion. Never too late to start afresh

Being in the right career is a un-compromising part of personal growth.

This article gives you everything that you need to rekindle your lost passion and find guidance in the middle of a career mess. Believe it or not but you can even start from a point where you don’t know anything but that nagging feeling of going to work every-day just because you have to!

I myself made a fresh start-over from the travel industry to Yoga after being in the former for 12 years. For a variety of reasons, I can say it was an amazingly bold step for a happier life, financials included and I am proud to have taken the leap of faith.

This wonderful post from Skillcrush brings together every essential step that I took in my journey. From the ‘land of despair’ into the land of ‘new beginnings’. It took me a long time to gather all that together, but here you have it, in one great piece of advice.

The Grandmother of all wisdom coming from a grandmother

Only someone very blessed, very evolved and very dedicated could have shared this piece of wisdom and it is none other than Marc of Marc & Angel.

It is one of the most heart-warming personal growth articles I have ever read that has real-life wisdom in it. Inspired by the diary of his own grandmother, Marc has done a phenomenal job in curating the ever-precious experiences of a ripe person who lived a full life, with joy and involvement.

You don’t need a second piece of advice in terms of quality of life other than this article. Indulge!

In the end, everything boils down to knowing yourself, and your phone isn’t helping.

Any piece of personal growth shall be incomplete without talking about knowing oneself. The only way out is in, and I know it’s a cliché but one which is indispensable.

Thing is, there is a fast forward way of doing that in today’s world — spending some quality time without your phone. David from Raptitude has put together this very engaging article that makes you think how much and what all has been changing in our lives because of our un-mindful usage of smartphones.

How one small act of being 100% present wherever you are, can change the way you experience life. And why we should give it a try, once in a while. It is your turn.

A must-read.

Honorary mention — Give yourself a live vision

I have to mention Lifebook by Mindvalley here because it seems to be one of the most comprehensive programs you can undertake for self-discovery and resulting personal growth.

Designed by Jon & Missy, I have only briefly gone through the concept of it and it seems highly holistic. Only our body and mind cannot define a healthy life, it has to be a sum total of taking care of a lot of aspects of our life, just like the line-up above.

The Lifebook by Mindvalley is a highly engaged self-development program where you write your own life book around 12 most important dimensions of your life. I shall be glad to sign-up for the program whenever I can and share more insider feedback.

Keep Calm and Start Building

Now that you have these amazing bits of wisdom assimilated, it is time for action.

Pick up any three areas of your life, which you would like to start working upon differently and apply the wisdom given to start the transformation.

It can be — Health & Fitness, Socializing, Parenting, Relationships, Finances, etc. etc., make your choice and start making the change.

I shall be waiting to hear from you as to how these precious bits brought happiness in your life.

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